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CORMAX was designed to train athletes intensely while maximizing safety. Our equipment provides the benefits of Olympic lifts and ballistic exercises while reducing the risks of performing these movements with a free weight bar.

Whether it's ballistic training for professional and collegiate teams, speed and strength training for youth, a quick workout over the lunch hour or rehabilitating an injury, CORMAX can be customized to fit the training needs of any athlete.


  • CORMAX for the High Intensity Athlete
    CORMAX for the High Intensity Athlete   You workout every day. Half your conversations revolve around that “crazy workout you did today” or how sore you are today because of that “awesome new exercise!” We get it. We speak your...
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  • CORMAX for the Young Athlete
    CORMAX for the Young Athlete   For the past 15 years or so, my winters have consisted of many long weekends at the hockey rink watching younger siblings play countless hockey games. They, like so many others in the Great...
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  • The Cormax Corner: Volume 2.
    The athlete: Rebekah Hakk  The sport: Hockey (defense) Hometown: Moorhead, MN College: University of Wisconsin-Superior Year: Incoming freshman Major: Exercise Science How did you first hear about CORMAX?  Bekah: My sister used to be a trainer at CORMAX, so I would go to “work” with her....
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